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Due to Covid-19 Our Rental Program is currently suspended.


Where else can you “try before you buy”?   We have over 100 demo games, and are adding new games every few months. Stop in to see the selection and rent one today.

All of our demo games are available for rental!

What games can I play?


We love showing off our games. That’s why we have over a 100 demo games just waiting for you to play or take home!  Our knowledgeable staff is always willing to explain the rules of games for you so that you don’t have to get bogged down reading multiple pages of directions before you start. Where else can you ‘try before you buy’ and have a personal gaming assistant to explain things to you? Nowhere! Stop in and rent a game today.


How does it work?


Rentals cost $10 for a board game or $5 for a card game for a 3 night rental, $12/$6 for a 5 night rental and $15/$7.50 for a 7 night rental. Once you return the game, if you decide to buy it that day, the pre-tax rental price is then applied, as a credit, to the purchase. Games are being added and changed every few months, stop in to see the new selection. This is a fun and inexpensive treat for those who like to play new games but have no space to store them! Also great if you are having a party and need a new form of entertainment.